Slow Teaching with Jamie Thom

Jamie Thom is a full time English Teacher, host of the TES English Teaching Podcast and author of ‘Slow Teaching: finding calm, clarity and impact in the classroom’. Jamie is also set to release his new book ‘A Quiet Education: Challenging the extrovert ideal in our schools’. Jamie joins me to discuss ‘Slow Teaching’, teacher wellbeing and provides so insights into his upcoming book.

I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to discuss Jamie’s work with him. As I mentioned ‘Slow Teaching’ has made an impact on my own teaching practice and I have taken a lot from it. If you haven’t done so already please do give it a read.

The questions I asked Jamie are as follows:

What motivated you to write Slow Teaching?

You have a ‘tortoise and the hare analogy’. How does this reflect teaching?

In part two of the book you talk about teacher voice and praise, could you speak to the idea of slowing down with teacher talk?

Managing learner behaviour is a key area of focus for most teachers, you touch on this in your relationships chapter and discuss stoical behaviour management could you elaborate on this?

You discuss the power of modelling in the classroom. How does this impact on learning in your classrooms?

Your chapter on memory mysteries really hit home for me. What mysteries and strategies do you discuss?

What strategies have you used from your book that have had the biggest impact in your own teaching?

You finish the book discussing wellbeing, what are your views on teacher wellbeing and how to maintain it?

Final 3

What book or text has had the biggest impact on your teaching career?

If you could give one bit of advice to a teacher, what would it be?

What do you think gets in the way of great teaching?

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