Our Ability to Learn is our Greatest Weapon with Bradley Busch

Bradley Busch is a Chartered Psychologist and a Director at InnerDrive. He co-authored ‘The Science of Learning, 77 Studies Every Teacher Needs to Know’. Bradley and I discuss his recent TedX talk, the book and its content and also some of his work on the Guardian Teacher Network. Bradley shares his top 3 studies from the book and offers some practical strategies for helping our young people learn effectively.

Questions that I asked Bradley are listed below:

Bradley, could you give a brief synopsis of who you are, what you do and how you came to do the work you currently do?

I first heard you speak at our Tedx event where you started by saying “our biggest weapon is our ability to learn.” This resonated with me. Could you elaborate on this?

In your book “the Science of Learning” you say that every teacher needs to know the 77 studies you outline. Why is this?

You break the research down into 7 key categories what are they and why are they key in helping students learn?

If you were to choose a top 3 studies for teachers what would they be and why?

I think that all teachers should have a deep understanding of memory and how to support this with their students. What can research to date tell us about memory?

What practical strategies can teachers employ to ensure young people learn and retain the learning?

You also wrote for the Guardian Teacher Network on The science of teaching and learning. One post that intrigued me was about biases and how they hold learning back. Could you tell us how biases hold back learning?

Something every teacher wants to create is a high challenge high support environment how do we do it in our classrooms?

What are the biggest barriers to creating this culture?

What can classroom teacher do to build this type of high challenge high support classroom?

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