A Refreshing Narrative (Part 1) with David Cameron

In this podcast I am joined by The Real David Cameron. David is a former Head of Education in East Lothian, Director for Children’s Services in Stirling and an Area Manager for a large group of Schools in Fife. He now works as a speaker, trainer, mentor, coach and adviser who has delivered conferences around the world. I first met David at TEDxClackmannanshire where he spoke passionately about a number of issues in the teaching profession in Scotland. In Part 1 we discuss his career, Scotland’s Education System and the Curriculum for Excellence. David is excellent throughout and it was a real privilege to chat with David. 

The questions I ask David throughout the interview are as follows:

Could you share a little bit about you and your career to date? 

What is the one thing you would like to see change in our education system? 

What are the strengths of our education system? 

You have been involved in the curriculum for excellence since the beginning. Is it achieving its goals? 

In 2019 a refreshed narrative for curriculum for excellence was released. What has this achieved? 

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